Our Services

Our services are the best in our industry and are as follows for each section:


Engineering is the use of scientific principles to design and build machines, structures, and other items, including bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles, and buildings. As a consortium, with over 20 years of experience in EPC, all of our engineering jobs are distinguished by;

  • CONSTRUCTABILITY: At AE Global Construction, constructability is key in everything we engineer. It involves using our construction expertise throughout every stage of a project—from planning and design to procurement, operation, and maintenance. We focus on making sure that what we build will stand the test of time. By conducting constructability reviews early, we can identify and solve potential issues before construction begins. This not only helps in managing risks and costs but also ensures a seamless transition from design to construction, improving the overall project outcome.
  • MODULARISATION: Our modular buildings at AE Global Construction Limited typically fall into one of two categories: permanent or temporary. Within these types, the actual buildings can range from ‘flat-pack’ solutions to façade systems and even those where a significant portion of the construction is completed offsite. These are then delivered and assembled on-site at their final location.
  • DESIGN AND PLANNING: We immerse our design process from identifying the problem that our clients are trying to solve, then we define it with structural design by the architect department to design optimization which is the methodology of using a mathematical formulation to choose and support selection of the optimal design fast forward to design communication which is the first step to execution of the project.
  • GENERAL CONTRACTING: As a full-service construction company, we have the expertise and resources to handle all aspects of your project, from site preparation and foundation work to interior finishes and landscaping. Our skilled craftsmen and tradespeople are committed to delivering superior craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to details in every project we undertake.
  • QUALITY CONTROL: A significant aspect of our services is to give our client top-notch quality control and professional supervision service. These controls help standardise both production and reactions to quality issues. Limiting room for error by specifying which production activities are to be completed by which personnel for timeliness and proper execution by each departments involve.


Drawing upon our extensive expertise in integrated EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), AE Global Construction delivers unparalleled procurement services.

  • PROCUREMENT SERVICES: Our procurement department oversees the procurement and purchasing of technical goods and services of all type. We have detailed knowledge about the equipment, materials, and supplies used in the industry, and the companies that sell them. We also evaluate new and existing suppliers and subcontractors and negotiate purchase agreements with them. In addition, we also ensure that purchased goods and services are delivered as promised.
  • STRATEGIC SOURCING: We have a centralised and up to date supplier database with the ability to source, manage tasks, reminder, file sharing and track every of our supplies right from ware house to loading till its delivery. Providing visibility to enable our clients get the best of our services.
  • LOGISTICS: At AE Global Construction Limited, we offer the overall process of managing how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their final destination. Logistics management involves identifying prospective distributors and suppliers and determining their effectiveness and accessibility. We take the stress off our clients by offering them the best of our logistics services.
  • MARKET INFORMATION:A good advantage of doing business with our company is that we have up to date market information about all materials, suppliers, and every need possible. We use this information while consulting for our clients with the sole aim of giving them our best.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT:Our construction managers identify potential risks to the project and develop strategies to mitigate them. This includes addressing safety concerns, regulatory compliance, and unforeseen challenges that may arise during construction.
  • BUDGET MANAGEMENT:AE Global develop and manage project budgets, tracking expenses and ensuring that costs stay within approved limits. We also identify potential cost savings and recommend adjustments as needed.


Our construction engineering management team applies technical and scientific expertise to infrastructure projects, merging engineering design with construction oversight for seamless project execution.

  • BUILDING CONSTRUCTION: Construction is a general term meaning the art and science to form objects, systems, or organisations, and renovations. Our construction process includes, effective construction plan which has a massive impact on the overall project. At this stage, we help our clients identify the most ideal site for your building project, followed by building design from our architecture department, we follow up with feasibility analysis and assessment which involve a consideration of amenities and site requirements. Followed by pre – construction and post construction assessment.
  • CONSTRUCTION OF GATE HOUSE: The concept of AE Global Construction Limited Gate House building is such that the structure is statically durable and complements the building structures within its location and to the satisfaction of our client.
  • CONCRETE DRAINAGES & CULVERTS: We specialise in technical analysis of terrains thereby generating proper water channelisation systems that manage water runoffs within/around properties, roads, and other infrastructures in order to prevent flooding. We construct fine-face finishes reinforced concrete lined drains with accurate alignments and reinforced culverts of different types and sizes that are durable, easy to maintain and safeguard properties against erosion.
  • LAND RECLAMATION AND FILLING SERVICES: At AE Global Construction Limited, our dedicated team of geotechnical engineers have proven records of different completed works on land reclamation in swamp terrains, low-lands, steep topo surfaces etc. We offer unwavering services in creating new lands which involves filling using materials such as lateritic soil, rocks, coarse and fine aggregates or other materials as to be determined by our team of engineers. Land reclamation is useful for expanding urban spaces or creating new agricultural and commercial land in areas where land is scarce.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: This is the set of fundamental facilities and systems that support sustainable functionality, and is responsible for the design, coordination and maintenance of the projects. Which includes road and highway/road networks, water and sewage, electricity, gas lines.
  • ENGINEERING DESIGN OF ROAD NETWORKS: We offer Road Design services to enable our client have a first-hand knowledge of the road build up and what material is expected for the road construction and technical guidance in construction of the road. This service involves also designing and construction of roads within private estates, residential complex, university campuses, or industrial park. AE Global Construction Limited ensure that the roads are well-connected, properly paved, and have the necessary markings and signs.
  • ARCHITECTURAL AND STRUCTURAL DESIGN SERVICES: AE Global Construction provides expert design services for buildings and structures. Our team of architects and structural engineers create standard design structures that are aesthetically magnificent, structurally safe and stands the taste of time. These services include: providing architectural with full functionality detailing and structural designs for statically stable structure.
  • SOLAR POWER INSTALLATION: SOLAR-POWERED STREETLIGHT INSTALLATION: We are a team to beat when it comes to clean and renewable energy-solar installation. We offer various solar installation services such as; solar power street lights, solar power inverters etc. This service involves installing streetlights that use solar energy, homes with solar inverters. These solar streetlights save money over time and are good for the environment. AE Global construction takes care of installing these lights, making sure they are placed in the best spots to absorb sunlight and light up roads and public areas effectively.


  • Industrial buildings are structures designed to accommodate various industrial operations, including manufacturing, production, and assembly. The multitude of tasks that go into the commercial building process may appear overwhelming but our experienced engineering team are up to the task, because they are well experienced and their methodological approach to each project sets us apart in the industry. As a consortium, we take our time to execute each step all the way.


  • This is the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve specific project objectives according to the project acceptance criteria within agreed parameters. At AE Global Construction Limited, we are committed to giving our all in every project, while we pay attention to every details.


  • At AE Global Construction Limited, we provide our clients with the best experienced supervision services. We provide design, expert and technical advice on various aspects of the project, from planning to implementation stage to ensure smooth execution of project as designed, on schedule, and within budget.


We focus on meeting the needs of the present and putting our environment first without compromising the ability of our future generations to meet their own needs. The concept of sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social—also known informally as profits, planet, and people. Increasingly, we as a consortium are making public commitments to sustainability through actions like reducing waste, investing in renewable energy, and supporting organizations that work toward a more sustainable future with every of our projects. Our focal points are;

  • SOURCE REDUCTION: This is our goal of reducing pollution and waste by changing production and consumption patterns.
  • INNOVATION: The focus is on developing alternatives to types of technology that are harmful to the environment.
  • CRADLE-TO-CRADLE DESIGN: This involves the creation of products that can be reused or reclaimed, thus ending the cradle-to-grave cycle of manufactured products.
  • VIABILITY: The aim is to create an economic activity center that focuses on products and technologies that are beneficial to the environment, thus increasing the speed at which such technology and product concepts can be implemented.


The connection between business activity and environmental issues has often been considered a matter of relevance to a company’s social responsibility. At AE Global Construction Limited, our environmental Protection strategy is to establish a source reduction programme and to focus industry, government, and public attention on reducing the amount of pollution through cost-effective changes in production, operation, construction and delivery of our projects. Our pollution prevention practices are implemented throughout the Industrial, Engineering, Procurement and Construction process. With our clients and end users in view, we will be well on our way to achieving environmental sustainability and preservation.


At AE Global Construction Limited, our Public-private partnerships involve collaboration between government agencies and a private-sector companies that can be used to finance, build and operate projects, such as Estate, Industrial hubs, public transportation networks, parks and convention centers. We work hand -in – hand with the government to execute projects and deliver, we also source for private institutions or individuals who are willing and ready to partner with the government.